What is This Blog?

Hi, I’m Ben.

I got into reviewing films in my final year of uni, mainly because I only spent 8 hours a week in lectures and I desperately needed a hobby. Writing about movies was a healthy way of justifying how much time I spent at the cinema, and because I studied Philosophy I absurdly thought my opinions were informed and important.

Most of the articles on this site are film reviews, but when I can I try to write about video games that I’ve played or shows that I’ve watched. Films are easier to review because going to the cinema isn’t a significant time commitment, but I watch a lot of television and play games every day.

If you read any of my older reviews (i.e. those that were posted before 2018) you’ll notice that the formatting is different. Basically I used long paragraphs, only breaking up the text when the point I was making was finished, and I also used quotation marks when I was mentioning the title of a game/series/film etc.

These were habits that I picked up when I was writing academically that I stubbornly applied to my reviews, but having since written for sites where my work is edited by someone else I’ve come to realise that this isn’t the best or most efficient way to review. This means that there’s a lack of consistency on the blog which isn’t really ideal, but I don’t want to delete my old reviews because I wrote them for me and I value being able to look back at them.

I’m hoping to edit my older reviews at some point in the future, but until then I hope that the content is worth reading even if the presentation leaves a little to be desired.

If you like what you see then I’ve also written articles on student life, film, tv, games and music elsewhere, all of which you can find by clicking the links below. Also, if you ever want to comment on a review with your opinion then please do. I’ll reply enthusiastically, politely, and in detail, regardless of whether or not you agree with what I’ve said (providing that what you’ve written isn’t toxic).






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